Our company’s mission - We create and market economical and ecological display systems of point of sale products (POSm).

ADVANTAGE DUE TO CONSTRUCTION ECOSTANDY, IZI-BLOCK, IZI-BOX and ECOSTANDY 360 Stand systems are innovative construction solutions with great

A new quality in POSm. ECOSTANDY 360 is a light-weight and extraordinarily durable construction that provides access to displayed products from all four directions.


Thanks to our innovativeness we have been engaged in the creation and development of new display projects for renowned Polish and foreign brands.

About the Company

Our company specializes in creating innovative POSm (Point of Sale Materials)display systems , and bringing them out to the market.

For over 25 years EKODISPLAY’s brand (owned by PLEXIFORM Display company) has been offering DESIGN and top quality PRODUCTION of POSm using various materials such as plastics, metal, wood/plywood, electronics etc.

Making use of our 25 year experience in POS branch (acquired by finishing over 1500 different projects), we have decided to focus on POS advantages that clients most often point out, the advantages which are both hard to achieve and most looked forward to:


effectivity an innovative system that grabs clients’ attention


easy assembly and disassembly


very high durability and endurance of construction and materials

free-to-chose shapes

the possibility to use any kind of shape (also openwork)

low costs

low buying, transport and assembly costs


possibility of ecological utilization


ease and high quality of exhibitors’ branding

short timing

very short period of time between an idea and the delivery

light effects

possibility of using LED backlight

We have connected the above-mentioned advantages by creating an innovative display system –


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