A new quality in POSm. ECOSTANDY 360 is a light-weight and extraordinarily durable construction that provides access to displayed products from all four directions.


Thanks to their reinforced construction ECOSTANDY 360 system can be used for the display of heavy products (heavy drinks, building materials, metal materials). The unique construction of the stands (no back, the openness of display) provides access to displayed products from every possible direction. Because of their advantages, ECOSTANDY 360 let clients display larger amount of products, and effectively increase their sale. The stands are available in 4 sizes.

the 4 quarters of the globe

The biggest advantage of ECOSTANDY 360 is the possibility to display products from every direction. It gives clients free access to the products on shelves.


The stands are fully recyclable. After their “service” at the point of sale is over, they can be easily dismantled and utilized.


Thanks to their reinforced construction, ECOSTANDY 360 are capable of handling heavier loads, their total maximum load amounting to nearly half a ton.

small dimensions

Up to 50 large stands can be transported on a single euro pallet. A folded stand can be easily contained in the trunk of a passenger car.

low price

Plywood is a relatively cheap material, considering its numerous advantages. Plywood stands are cheaper in comparison with similar plastic or metal solutions.

easy assembly

The assembly without any devices takes around 2 minutes. The stands are easy for agents to transport and assemble. STANDY 360 are available in 4 sizes.

short deadlines

Appropriate technical solutions enable favorable prototyping and production terms.


EKODISPLAY is a brand owned by PLEXIFORM Display, a long-term designer and the producer of high quality POS materials, also the winner of numerous product display prizes.


The stands consist of exchangeable modules, eg. toppers or shelves in various colors with graphic elements of client’s choice.

ECOSTANDY 360 patent uses two of our copyright systems: IZI-BLOCK and IZI-SNAKE to make the stands stable, durable and easy to assemble. They also ensure that displayed products are safe.

Thanks to their reinforced construction, ECOSTANDY 360 are capable of carrying bigger amount of products.

production and print

Our offer consists of designing, prototyping, production and delivery to a designated address. We also offer printing graphic elements directly on plywood or on labels. Our stands are available in various colors.


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